Home Visits

We know that while you’re away at work or on holiday your pet can get lonely and need some attention. That’s where we come in.

We will visit them and provide them with whatever they need from food and a bit of fresh air to a cuddle and a stroke.

These type of appointments cover any type of small animal. If your animal is an outdoor animal (Rabbits, Guinea pigs etc) we will make sure that they are safe and warm. We will top up the food and water even clean out their hutches. We will provide you with an update on your pets condition and put your mind at ease.

For indoor pets (Birds, Lizards, Tropical fish, etc) we can provide the same feeding regime they get while you are home. We will maintain their environments and keep them clean, and follow any other instructions you have.

This service is available day and night so if your pet needs a cuddle before they go to sleep then we can make sure that they get the best cuddle possible… next to yours of course.